About Us

Myers Drug is located in San Angelo, TX.  The original Myers Drug Store was started in 1934.  Since then, the pharmacy has continued to serve not only the community in San Angelo, but clients throughout the United States.  The past few years has seen a rededication to another lost art of pharmacy: natural products. The pharmacists at Myers have made a commitment to stay informed of the latest information on herbs, vitamins, nutraceuticals, phytochemicals, homeopathic medicines, and other natural products. Nutritional and pharmaceutical counseling has been combined at Myers so that we can fully meet the needs of today's health conscience consumer. Thus Myers Drug has become Myers Drug, the Wellness Store.

With the combination of services available through the Wellness Store and compounding, we are excited to bring our services and nutritional counseling to the nation.  We look forward to helping you with our expertise and passion for health.  

(325) 655-3146
29 S. Chadbourne
San Angelo, TX 76903